Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey! Long time- no see! I've been enjoying life and loving school. I honestly think it's fun! Wait until I have my exams, then I'll probably look back and wonder what on earth I was talking about.

As it's getting colder and colder, I'm getting closer to wearing my Macklemore style coat. I want to get the Olsen look- a big faux coat with black tights and wedges with a black dress or anything simple with winter accessories. 

I have always feared winter due to its low temperature and mild colds or coughs, but now I saw the bright side of it! In winter it's easier to workout in the gym, have absent teachers, have the perfect excuse to wear similar outfits (including the coat) and be late to school or meeting with yet another perfect excuse!

I'm also thinking of colouring my hair in the winter, here are the options: honey brown, blonde or dirty blonde.

My hair philosophy: if you're more tanned than usual; you have a better chance of rocking a crazy colour that's darker or more saturated. If you're pale you have a better chance of pulling of a lighter colour than usual. This probably applies to few people.

Bandana- New Yorker
Top- Jennyfer
Bracelet- Lindex
Leggings- available everywhere


  1. If you want to colour your hair I thi,ks you should try what does blonde hair look on you ;)

  2. I think you'd look stunning with your hair waven with a cury iron!
    You're veeeery cute, anyway *.*

  3. Try blonde! It would look awesome on you!

  4. You get more lovely each time I see you. Am crazy about those dimples as you know. *R x x

  5. why aren't you blogging anymore? :(