Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello! I have to say this first! I kind of stole this idea from my friend Ina, she posted all her essies on instagram and it looked heavenly! Her instagram is called: "inanotaballerina". I suggest you follow us ;)
My username there is: "meldrav." Either way, my history test went great, I got a 9.2 and I had a great day. Last year, I wasn't this hyper or energetic, so people sometimes ask me what have I smoked. I don't smoke- anything. Just to make that clear. I have my good days and bad days, the good days are of me looking like I won the lottery and the bad look like I haven't slept for days.


  1. Omg! NO! Wtf did u do with your hair ?:0

  2. Mmm you know how you drive me crazy with those gorgeous eyes and sexy dimples! R x