Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back from shopping

 May I just say, that shopping with your parents is amazing?! It was more of a haul than shopping! I haven't gone on those for years. It was also nice, because parents don't sugarcoat, so if something looked bad on me they would say the truth, which is very important. I usually go shopping on my own, so if you see me in a clothing store alone, I'm concentrating. 

In summer, I buy things the most for these reasons:

  1. The staff is soo helpful and usually have a great taste and show me things that might interest me. Sometimes they even bring me some clothes, but that's only if I go to that store a lot.
  2. The things are more unique in my opinion.
  3. I have soo much free time.
  4. I'm alone with no distraction.


  1. where are your pants from?

  2. I always like you in hats, you should wear them more often. In the summer you would look great in one of those wide brimmed straw numbers with maybe just a couple of synthetic roses or a georgette scarf tied around the crown. It would evoke that hippy chick 'Summer Lovin' theme and really suit you. R x x