Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello! I rarely ever say personal things on my blog if they involve other people, but I decided that I should let this one be revealed.

So I've got a lovely boyfriend who I really love. He's the sweetest!

A few days ago it was our one month anniversary which soo lovely! I don't exactly know what to do on those type of announcements. However, I feel awkward not letting you know what I did on the Saturdays that we hung out in town or what so ever.


  1. Loving the colors. Stay gorgeous xoxo

  2. I kneeeeeeeew it!!!!! :D I'm so happy for youuu (wish I could also be so lucky) you deserve all the happiness! :)
    I like your outfit very much, especially the skirt! :) wish you all the luck and stay who you are xx :)

  3. I'm really sorry to say this, but I don't enjoy reading your blog anymore as almost every other post focuses on your diet and weight. Obviously you do seem to have a problem with yourself and your eating habits, but you shouldn't publish on the internet that you (really skinny girl) think you have to lose weight and want skinnier legs. You probably have lots of younger readers who also might think they have to lose weight because of all the things you publish on your blog. Maybe you could write those things into a personal diary or whatever.

  4. Yeeeyy meldra you did it! Proud of you xxx

  5. Healthy is eating what you want, when you want. Healthy is being able to eat some of the chocolate and then put the rest away for tomorrow. Equally, healthy can be eating the whole damn thing just because it tastes good, and then not feeling guilty afterwards because you can acknowledge that one bar of chocolate will make no difference in to the bigger picture of your life.

    Healthy is having more important things to focus on, and as long as you can run for a bus and your clothes fit, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Healthy is enjoying food and having lazy days. Healthy is also running for the sheer joy of it or having days where you naturally eat more or less and not even noticing.
    Healthy is natural. It just happens if you relax.