Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey everyone! Today, at work I had a nice time. I decided to get to know my students a bit better and it went well! Otherwise today was boring. Weird. That's very weird. Usually, Sundays are very stressful, because of all the homework due. However, I don't have a lot of it and if I do, I finished them.
I decided to make resolutions:
1. Wear dresses and skirt more.
2. Get a 9 in bio on report by the end of the year. (I've been studying for it for about a month and it's going great!)
3. Make it look like I lost weight without losing any of it. Can only be done through workout.


  1. How much do you weigh at the moment? Please answer cause i'm curious, i am very interested in fitness lately

  2. I cannot resist you in skirts and dresses and had to comment. Superb! <333 R x x

  3. you. do. not. have. to. loose. weight.