Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello! This is from last evening when I ordered four orders, that I thought were going to be small. Well, they were a plate full. I managed 1/8 of all that. It's OK, since you can have them as take away. Looks like everyone will have to finish off my order for me. I feel amused, I ordered tofu also and I've been trying to get my family to try it, so here's my chance!

Pretty cool moon huh? I also saw stars for the first time in a very long time period, since Lux and Latvia don't have stars where I live.

I saw this statue with money put in his hand. I could have taken it. Instead good girl Meldra just took a photo with him.

I've never seen myself do this smile before, but I kind of like it. A smile opens up the person, showing everyone that they're only human and now some kind of pokerface organisms.

We're in Spains region, but we went to a Thai restraunt. Ironic, but we couldn't find a different one and we were starving. I litterally can't eat before or while in a plain. So I hadn't eaten for at least 16 hours, that's actually nothing, I once went 2 1/2 days without eating, due to health complications and since then I can do that more often, but now I have my apetite back :)

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  1. I like that new smile too and I hope that you can enjoy trying some new types of food while you are in Gran Canaria. R x