Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canary Island special

Hello! Gran Canaria was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about life, it wasn't spiritual or anything, but I still learnt a lot.

Turns out that I like the sea, swimming pools and swimming. I just can't stand the pool here, because it has too much chlorine and also I have been traumatized there by the school swimming lessons, which are litterally torture. I'm actually completely serious about the torture part.

I learnt that I like even the annoying animals that can be louder than an ambulance siren. Well, if they can ride on a bike or do other tricks.

I saw these sand statues that were about four meters away from the shore and the only thing that kept them together was a little bit water. What if a tide comes in?

Dolphins are adorable!

I got to pet one! I also got kissed by seals and held a parrot while having another parrot playing with my hair! That's a very smart tourist attraction indeed.

I seem to like birds. I also got bitten by a goose. I really did. They had a zoo room with animals that can manage not to fight and live peacefully together, where the people can go in and take photos with the animals. Every bird seemed to have no problem with me, except the goose.

What an Emu!

I went to Columbus's house, that's now a museum and I wasn't really interested in much other than the parrots. I don't know what it is with birds, but perhaps when I'm old enough to live on my own, I'll get myself canary birds maybe. 


  1. Cockatiels or African Grey Parrots make great pets. They can mimic and whistle and live so long that they will share your life's ups and downs and even know your grandchildren. R x

  2. So many lovely animals ! Especially the dolphins <3
    Also, the leggings look very nice on you, I've ordered them a few days ago too and can't wait till I receive them :D

  3. Hii! Could you tell me where you bought those pants? Thank youu! :)