Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Amazing day

Hello my lovelies! Today, was the best day of my life even if a very unpleasant thing in school happened. I had a test that I didn't know about and I don't feel good about it. Usually I would be later almost crying, but I had an amazing day. I met up with someone very special, who you will see a post of soon! I had the best massage ever and I bought a new perfume and realised that I love my life no matter what bad things happen.

Did my nails. Big deal? Not really, but I like nude nail polish tones!

I got another present, something I have wanted for a long time! A red bracelet. Some of you who read my blog for over a year and know what I went through would know why it means a lot to me! Well, it's also hand made and I got it from my sweet friend Gabe, who I really care for. So basically I love this day. I love my life and I love you sweet viewers. Have a nice day! NO! Have the best day!


  1. anorexia isn't a thing people are normally proud of, did you win with it?

  2. I love your new bracelet and you look really pretty in the first pic. Smiley eyes and dimples....what a combination! R x

  3. \o/
    so nice to see you soooo happy!