Wednesday, January 23, 2013

16 at last!

Hello! Today was wonderful! Today exactly at 0:00 I got my very first "happy birthday". I also spent 3 and a half hours at Elipse gym and may I say, it was wonderful! I spent 1 and a half hour training and the rest was in the spa, because it's not only a gym, it has 3 different type of saunas and one Jacuzzi  That may seem very little, but there are about 3-8 customers at once. I got invited to do a shoot with the equipment, but I'm not sure if I'll even go, due to the lack of information about it. Anyway I've got 3 gyms left to try out! Not sure if I'll manage. I feel a bit guilty, because I'm about to eat cake and I already ate spaghetti-twice, sauce and salad. All the effort- wasted. Not! I feel reborn. My back doesn't hurt and I feel tired in a very pleasurable way. I feel good.

The great betrayal of my 1 and a half hour of workout!


  1. girl, you are gorgeous (:

  2. Happy Birthday. The gym sounded fun and I hope you have a great day. You look happy in your pic. R x

  3. girl, you inspire me (: