Thursday, December 6, 2012

Working on the video :)

Hello, so lately most of my post are with me inside school, well that's pretty much because no one really has that much free time after and also I hate flash settings :(
Oh well, I don't mind

School lunch: spaghetti
So I've noticed this a lot lately and I've also done a little research, turns out the school cooks are way too busy, they need more help, but they don't get it, so they serve easy food. Most of it is frozen before or easy as pasta. It's quite sad, but it tastes about 7/10, so not bad. Although a bigger variety could be better.

awesome people i know personally doing the saint nicolas (?) program? I don't know, but it takes a lot of courage to dress up like that to help out, people who do a public display for the benefits of others really deserve credit.

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  1. I'm suprised to see the last picture :O!
    It's a holiday/event in the Netherlands (dec 5th) and in Belgium (dec 6th), mostly for little kids.
    According to the story (that they actually believe) Sinterklaas and his 'pieten' (the, because of chimneys they go through, black people) bring presents from Spain to their home.
    Well in short.. lots of kid songs, candy, presents and chocolate!

    P.s I love your pullover <3