Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adventure time

Today was quite cool! I met up with Tina and we took the wrong bus. Fear not! Because of that mistake we came across a brilliant and quite useless idea. Have you heard of one direction? Of course you have! Well, we thought it would be funny to rename it "one perversion" and rewrite their songs. Unfortunately we only know the single: "what makes you beautiful".

Later we got hungry. Smoojo was closed. That's a disappointment..

So instead Tina got farfalla pasta and I went to the other frozen yogurt place and asked for a bowl of melon instead of yogurt.

I feel I got ripped off, but they would have gained only 1 Euro, so I let them have it.

I finally had the courage to wear my beanie hat!

On the bus we decided to sit in the single chairs. I don't know why, but it was quite amusing. Later I got a call and I was asked if I wanted to watch a movie with my 8 year old brother. Yes, please! It was quite fun, I don't get bonding time with my little brother outside home, so I thought it was quite a good idea. Good bye everyone!


  1. There's 2 places that sell frozen yogurt? Didn't know that! Where's the other one? .)

  2. Where is your jacket from???