Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yesterday P.2

Here's another post about yesterday which was SUPER busy so there's going to be (oh yes!) a third post where I did a photoshoot with another friend.

After basketball I went to town and met up with Ardis and Tina. We all were hungry but none of us agreed where to go so we all took to-go food. I chose ICE CREAM!! 3 balls :D :D :D

memorize this photo

Yep I finished my ice cream, yeah in the photo there's still the end part of the cone, but how can you show you ate ice cream??

when we looked through the photo we found a photobomb, so I asked |Tina to photobomb me :D

Ardiss :D

I tried this :D
Epic fail, I had to go off and turn the board the other way just to get back haahaha

While I was crossing the road there was this awesome car, totally irrelevant but it's cool !! :D

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  1. the first picture is so delightful (: