Saturday, September 22, 2012


Helllllllllo everyone today my sister left to go to university, that made me kind of sad so I went to town with X to shop.

Can you guess who it is?

Today in Gare, Elite modeling make up artist did free make over and I wasn't bother to wait in line for that haha
I don't even know why I put this up but theres a pigeon on a fountain and a green ball. These little kids were playing there.
I don't like pigeon because they were always out to get my food

Luckily this little guy took care of it :D

My friend just discovered I could do this thing with my eyebrows haha

And I was hanging out with.. Guusje! <3

She got this ultra cute bag, I wanted to get it myself, but it was too big, because I prefer bags that don't fit A4, otherwise I think they are too big and heavy.
Oh well! Look what I got

A paparazzi shot when I realized that hat was an L, lol. Now I know why wind was always bothering me more than it did with my other hats
Anyway I was looking for new shoes actually.

It was kinda warm haha

 Anyway today is my brothers name day, you should be expecting a post later ;)


  1. Can you ask her, where she got her awesome bag?:)

  2. Great outfit that reminded me again of Parisian chic. Cool eyebrows trick too. (*) xx

  3. Where is that bag from??