Friday, July 27, 2012

Today I didn't want to do nothing all day.. again. So I decided to go to town. I wanted to find myself some black skinny jeans, but as usual I couldn't get the size I wanted :(

Oh well look what I got myself :D

But yet again, too big

Check out the size!
anyway in Latvia it's possible to find xxs also, but they are too small around my hips, because I'm not 12 anymore and I went through puberty
Lately I'm really confused about my body, because so many things don't fit yet again my friends are really worried about me, because they think I'm too thin and eat too little.
Well, honestly I eat, but before I had a phase when I skipped breakfast, lunch, didn't snack and ate as little as possible for dinner. I'm glad thats over because at one point I weighed 41.8kg, when my original weight was much more that.

Remember the Posty post? Well, I remember post had this and a while ago it was the latest fashion shout out, although they aren't as popular now as they were before I don't care because antique stuff are AWESOME! :D

New :D
Foundation, I'm tanned, my old one is too pale.
Lipbalm, simply essential.
Tweezers, haha funny story, about a year ago I asked my mom if she could buy me tweezers, when she did apparently it wasn't for me, but since I especially asked to buy me tweezers I still used them and sometimes forgot to put them back!
Mascara, essential, but not in my case, I have got lots of mascaras but I think it's better to stock up and every 20 uses to change the brand mascara to the next one. Why? I have no idea. Do they get dried up? No, they don't, but incase they do, back home in Luxembourg I have a cooling bag, if anyone is feeling anxious call me haha

When I was about 10m away I could have sworn I saw "free beer" and I was wearing glasses! I kinda think it's funny, if I ever had a band, I would call it "free beer" so on gigs I would get a bigger audience, but since I'm very uninterested in music which I have to produce myself, I will never have a band!

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  1. Ha the Free Beer sign!
    Your new denim shorts look great and with the washed out look just right for summer. Don't worry about the size, you just look tall and slim like a super model. R x