Friday, April 20, 2012

Yesterday I didn't blog, because I had the impression that I have 4 tests, when actually I had 2. So I spent a long-long time studying. I even woke up with the head from yesterday, but it might also be a new one. Today I also had to go jogging in the rain, true it wasn't the nicest experience, but I'm thankful I haven't got a cold. Anyway all that is left behind me and now I can enjoy my weekend.
Oh! I also got my computer back, it's ventilation system failed. So each time it got hot, it would turn off, but I just got the look of my old photos and i found a few you haven't seen so VOILA!


  1. I totally love it and you are very pretty :)

  2. Very very hot! Love from the USA!

  3. You are like a super model and so very very pretty. Robert x