Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey, so guess what. Very early tomorrow I'm going to Morocco. I hardly can wait, but as usual, I'm having trouble deciding what to take. I was told that shorts,tank top that reveal some skin and skirt are a "no-no". So I'm a bit worried, of course I will take tank tops, but I will just have to somehow hide as much skin I can. A travel guide said that at my age, it's appropriate to get married at that region, so I am going to have to choose my wardrobe carefully over wise I will look like I am looking for attention there.
So since it's only 4 days I thought of taking:
my jean jacket and as well a black cardigan
This top and my pink top

and this

My jeans, since I can't take shorts or skirt

couple of knick knacks 
I also have to choose between my treasures 

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  1. Marry with 15 >.< no waaaay!

    Have a nice holiday @ Marocco .-.